• ● Today's recommendation ●

    • 【Potato shochu】 Manchu (Kagoshima) rock / water (hot water)

      580 yen / 500 yen
  • ● beer ●

    • Draft beer (super dry)

      550 yen

      Small is 450 yen

    • Bottled beer (Asahi / Kirin / Sapporo)

      700 yen
    • Non-alcoholic

      400 yen
  • ● Japanese sake ●

    • Ryuushi Special Net American Emperor of the Night (Hiroshima)

      630 yen

      Tastefully tasted without disturbing the name.It is easy to match with various relishes.

    • Take crane junmai rice (Hiroshima)

      630 yen

      The taste of calm and calm will spread.It will swell more with..

    • Extraordinarily dry cereal rice (Saga)

      750 yen

      Despite the richness of rice, it is dry and spicy

    • Asami yakuza's dream 65 No pressure buildup (Tochigi)

      680 yen

      Refreshing fragrance and acid.There is refreshing like a fresh! Ramune.

    • Take crane raw rice liquor (Hiroshima)

      1100 yen

      From the back of the withered flavor, a tasteful and delicious flavor.

    • Fukuda special net rice raw sake (Nagasaki)

      650 yen

      Fresh taste with a good balance of calm aroma and light taste.

    • White Falls Shi Jun Rin Ginjo (Akita)

      680 yen

      I use natural water that springs up in the middle of a mountain that will never die during the year.It is a liquor of delicious and delicious taste.

    • Special book brewed Kitaya (Fukuoka)

      630 yen

      Light taste and refreshing fragrance.It is suitable for a wide range of dishes with good quality sake quality.

    • Takami Takami super dry spicy rice wine (Miyagi)

      800 yen

      While it is super dry, firm taste with rich flavor and rice flavor.

    • Yamagi Junpei Ginjo (Yamaguchi)

      880 yen

      The fragrance is very gentle and the mouthfeel is the sweet and juicy first impression that gnawed the fruit.

    • Kitaya Aoto <purple> Junmai Daijinsei (Fukuoka)

      1800 yen

      Fukuoka prefecture Itoshima "Yamada Nishiki" was polished up to polished rice commission to 39% and put in extreme cold.Gorgeous and fruity taste.※ It is the brewery that shone in the world in 2013.

    • Aki Sakura Snow Manga Daiginjo (Yamagata)

      2300 yen

      It is a rich ripe feature.Elegant taste that cuts lightly while feeling a beautiful and ornate scent and sweetness.

  • ● shochu ●

    • (Potato) Black Kirishima (Miyazaki)

      Lock 480 yen

      Water · hot water split 450 yen / bottle 2500 yen

    • (Potato) exhaustion (Fukuoka)

      Lock 510 yen

      Water · hot water split 480 yen / sweet shochu made by sake brewery "Kita shop" which also shone in the world as sake.Japan Airlines (JAL) International Line Executive Class It is a light, refined scented sweet potato shochu that is also offered on all routes.

    • (Potato) Rusudo's dew (Kagoshima)

      Lock 400 yen

      Water · hot water split 380 yen / brewer of the demon kingdom, regular shochu made by Shiratama Shuzo.It is a refreshing drinking mouth, sweet potato and sweet potato with moderate richness.

    • (Wheat) Iki gold (Nagasaki)

      Lock 480 yen

      Water · hot water split 450 yen / bottle 2800 yen

    • (Wheat) octopus special (Oita)

      Lock ¥ 840

      Water · hot water split 800 yen / keeping 6000 yen / barley shochu that won the highest prize in the shochu division of international liquor competition party.It is made from new yeast and barrel-aged sake and has vanilla incense and mellow flavor spreading if it is in the mouth.

    • (Wheat) Chigame lady (Kagoshima)

      Lock 440 yen

      Water · hot water split 410 yen / It is a mellow taste with softness per taste which is charged in a pot and is distilled in an old-fashioned wooden barrel distiller and blended with stored liquor.

    • (Wheat) Ozusama mountain monkey (Miyazaki)

      Lock 480 yen

      Water · hot water splitting 450 yen / brewing is original flavorful wheat distilled spoon with original yeast bacteria by our own culture, thoroughly handmade preparation and full of atmospheric distillation of tradition, finished by storage and aging.

    • (Wheat) Goku (Fukuoka)

      Lock 500 yen

      Water · hot water split 470 yen / sweet shochu made by sake brewery "Kita shop" which also shone in the world as sake.Japan Airlines (JAL) International Flight Executive Class It is authentic wheat distilled spirit that has been aged carefully in oak barrels for more than 3 years, which is also offered on all routes.

  • ● Whiskey ●

    • Nikka Highball

      450 yen
    • Hakushu

      620 yen
  • ● Chuhai ●

    • Grapefruit / Kyoho / Calpis

      Each 450 yen
    • Lemon / lime

      Each 500 yen
    • Raw lemon sour

      550 yen
  • ● Cocktail ●

    • Cassis soda / gin tonic / moscommeureur

      Each 520 yen
    • Mojito

      550 yen
  • ● Fruit liquor ●

    • Tsurumei Natsumi-kan / Tsurumei ripe nursery / Tsurume Miyuko

      Lock 580 yen each

      Soda coat is 550 yen each

  • Flavor wine ●

    • Sangria (sweet)

      550 yen
  • ● Sparkling wine ●

    • 【Champagne】 Pol Roger Brut Reserve (France)

      11000 yen

      It has a condensed feel and a smooth umami is felt, it is a dry taste with a long lingering finish.He was also acted at the wedding ceremony of Prince William of the British royal family and Catherine.

    • 【Champagne】 Ruinard Blanc de Blanc (France)

      21000 yen

      It is a dry type with fruit taste like ripe pear and white peach and powerfulness and elegance.It is Blanc de Blanc built with only Chardonnay 100%.

    • [Franciacorta] Le Marchecinie Franciacorta Brut (Italy)

      6000 yen

      It is a dry type of gentle taste that feels fine bubbles and sweetness of fruits.It is made by the process of secondary fermentation in the same bottle as Champagne.

    • 【Clementine de Loire】 Coold do Clay · Montlui · sur · Loire (France)

      6500 yen

      It is a dry type of well-balanced taste familiar with clean foaming clean acid.It is made from the grapes which do not use any chemical fertilizer etc. by the same recipe as Champagne.

  • ● Glass wine ●

    • [Red · White] La Vieille de Ferme (South France)

      Each 650 yen

      There are wines that match Japanese food.

  • ● Bottle wine ●

    • 【White】 Cave de Chantle · Saint-Vellan (France)

      4500 yen

      Savory flavor reminiscent of honey.It is a very comfortable dry type with a rich sense of minerals.

    • 【White】 Batiste Terre · Soave · Classico (Italy)

      4800 yen

      It is a dry type with a fragrant reminiscent of apple and tropical fruit, balanced acidity and sweetness spreads and a bitter finish in the aftertaste.

    • [White] Hugel Riesling Classic (France)

      5900 yen

      In Alsace prestigious famous prestige known as "Hugel".It is an elegant dry type with a noble aroma like cinnamon and lemon peel.

    • [White] Terchicci · Vino Delli · Orti (Italy)

      6000 yen

      Refreshing flavor reminiscent of citrus fruits, made from grapes of about 35 years old.It is a dry type that balancedly balanced the fruit taste and acidity.

    • 【White】 Marcel · Dice · Alsace · Blanc (France)

      7500 yen

      I feel a gorgeous aroma like lychees and roses by blending multiple Alsace varieties.It is a dry type with a soft mouthfeel which has sweetness of fruits in hot.

    • [White] Gerard · Blake · Sun sale (France)

      8000 yen

      Producer of Chavignolle village where you can get the highest quality grapes.It is a dry type of comfortable drinking comfort using Sauvignon Blanc which is natural made by natural farming method.

    • 【White】 Kumeau · River · Estate · Chardonnay (New Zealand)

      9800 yen

      Now, the producer who is said to be the creator of Chardonnay which the world is paying most attention to.It is similar to French luxury wine and it's dry, rich flavor like peach and hazelnut.

    • 【White】 Love Rui Ale Pui Fuisse (France)

      12800 yen

      In Alsace prestigious famous prestige known as "Hugel".It is an elegant dry type with a noble aroma like cinnamon and lemon peel.

    • 【White】 Patrick Pews · Chablis · First grade · Bueaux (France)

      15800 yen

      Chablis of the first grade field created by "Patrick Pews" who has undergone brewing responsibilities such as a prestigious ref rifle.It has a well-balanced fruit taste and acid, and it is a dry type with chirping peculiarity.

    • 【White】 François Carillon · Purigny Montrachet (France)

      18800 yen

      White wine "Purigny Morassier" representing Burgundy region.Francois wines with high appreciation at world restaurants are dry type with elegant smooth and gentle taste.

    • [Red] Plant Van Cote du Rhone Rouge (France)

      4500 yen

      Fruit flavor such as slightly strawberry and berry type.It is a medium medium body with soft tannins and a comfortable lingering finish.

    • 【Red】 Maremma · Tuscany · Sangiovese · Dolphinette (Italy)

      4800 yen

      Fragrance like blueberry and violet flower.A fresh fruit condensation feeling and a good tannin (astringent) are comfortable medium bodies.

    • 【Red】 Spellbound · Cabernet Sauvignon (USA)

      5900 yen

      Wine made by grandson of America 's prestigious "Robert Mondavi".It is a full body spreading coffee beans and deep fruits deeply condensed and spicy flavor.

    • [Red] Frederic Magnan Bourgogne Pinot Noir (France)

      6800 yen

      One of the makers who receive high reputation in numerous wine magazines.It is medium bodied with a barrel scent that is as good as flavor like cherries and raspberries.

    • [Red] Isole · E · Olena · Chianti · Classico (Italy)

      7500 yen

      A traditional style manufacturing method is a little different from other Chianti.Medium full body with a smooth richness like fresh flavor like strawberries and mint.

    • [Red] Catherine E. Pierre Breton Chinon Beaumont (France)

      8000 yen

      Pioneers of the natural faction of the Loire region.It has a natural aroma flavor of ripe grapes, a medium body with a balanced balance between gentle acid and tannin (astringent).

    • 【Red】 Bakestone · Cellars · Cabernet · Sauvignon (USA)

      9800 yen

      It is a soft full body that feels delicate tannin (astringent) in a sweet aroma like blueberry aroma or ripe black cherry.

    • [Red] Manzone Barolo Castelletto (Italy)

      13500 yen

      In fields it is a non-use creator such as herbicide.It is an elegant flavor with twenty-four months of barrel aging and an elegant full body with comfortable tannin (astringent) and acid.

    • [Red] Fabrice Martin Jouvrey Chambertin (France)

      15800 yen

      DRC (Romanee Conti) brewer responsible Mr. Nobre's cousin! It features a powerful tannin (astringent) with fruit flavor and herbal incense.Medium full body that feels complicated flavor of the finish.

    • [Red] Henry · Pion · Vaune · Romanee (France)

      18800 yen

      A veteran Negoshan's "Vaune Romanee" who deals in domestic sales of renowned manufacturers such as DRC and Vogue.It is a medium full body with ornate fruit flavors and powerful richness.

  • ● Non alcoholic cocktail ●

    • 【Zero】 Cassis Orange / Gin Tonic / Chardonnay · Sparkling

      Each 400 yen
  • ● soft drinks ●

    • Oolong tea / Orange / Cola / Ginger ale / Calpis

      Each 400 yen